You Only Live Once...THREE TIMES


Hi, my name is John Massé. I've done the typical cliff diving, bungee jumping, and skydiving,
but those were just fun, leisurely, activities compared to being in a high speed motorcycle chase over 150 m.p.h.,
being homeless/living on the street, being in the worst part of the Murder
Capital of New England and having a loaded gun pressed against my head, Fasting for 40 days (no choice!),
having been in a coma for 2 weeks, and oh yeah, I have literally died. Twice!

The kids today like to say "You Only Live Once!" I refuse to be typical. Third life's the charm.

Tell me there's something I can't do. I fear nothing, embrace everything , and love all people.

Not saying that I'm superhuman, but I live for One who is. Whether I die tomorrow, or at age 125,
"I'm immortal till my work here is done."

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announcement, awesomeness...coming soon!